From 12-13 October, the Mission participated in the annual World Craft Fair of the Itaewon Global Village Festival which was organized by the Yongsan District Office. The event was held in Itaewon Street and the Mission was provided with a national booth to promote Fijian culture through display and exhibition of Fiji artifacts and handicrafts. The purpose of the festival for countries to promote their culture and heritage through arts, craft, music and display other cultural artifacts. Thirty-seven (37) diplomatic missions participated in the fair including Embassies of Peru, Congo, Laos, Myanmar, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Russia, Cambodia, Turkey, Senegal, Sri Lanka, Slovakia, Nigeria, Cameroon, and so forth. The Mission also contributed to a video production that was made by the Secretariat to promote the culture of the countries from all the video links it had received from the Missions.