Fiji citizens residing in South Korea should register with the Embassy. 

What the Embassy Can Do

  • Issue emergency travel documents.
  • Provide assistance in the case of an accident, serious illness, or death to arrange for next of kin to be informed.
  • Provide a list of doctors and lawyers.
  • Visit you in jail, if you are arrested, if you so request and arrange for your family to be informed, if you wish.
  • Help you during emergencies, such as natural disasters.


What the Embassy Cannot Do

  • Arrange any of your travel or hotel bookings.
  • Pay your hotel, medical, or any other bills or become involved in disputes about these expenses.
  • Provide funds to pay your legal costs or fines.
  • Get you out of jail.
  • Represent you at legal proceedings or give legal advice.
  • Obtain special treatment for you in jail, or hospital, or in any dealings you might have with local authorities.
  • Obtain work or a work permit for you.