The Embassy of the Republic of Fiji in Korea launched a Trade, Investment and Tourism promotional event in Seoul on Friday 12th July 2019. The event which was held at the Koreana hotel in central Seoul was attended by close to 200 guests which included potential investors, businessmen and major Tourism organizations in Korea. The event was co-hosted by the Korea-Fiji Friendship Association, an organization that has established friendship relations with the Fiji Embassy over the last few years.


The event was aimed at promoting Investments and Fijian-made goods as well as Fiji as a Tourist destination for Koreans.


Distinguished guests who attended the Promotion program included Congressman Mr. Joong-ro Kim from the Korea National Assembly, and the Deputy Director General of Asia-Pacific Region of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea, Mr. Lee Sang-ryol who both gave congratulatory remarks.


The Deputy Director General applauded the effort by the Fiji Mission in Seoul for organizing such event. He said that the event was in line with Korea’s effort to promote Trade and Tourism in the Pacific region. He further highlighted that the Korean Government through the ROK-PICs cooperation has expanded its assistance to the Pacific Island Countries (PICs) to include promoting Trade and Tourism and that the new program was launched in March this year. He commended the Fiji Embassy for the hard work in enhancing people to people exchange by drawing the interests of Korean investors and tourists through such an important event which will surely enlighten them. The Deputy Director General further stated that this is the first time the Fiji Embassy has hosted such a promotional event and he was impressed with the great turn out and as such he foresee the flourishing of trade, business, tourist and friendship relations between Fiji and Korea. He commended the Fiji Embassy and assures the Government’s support towards the Missions future programs.


The Chairman of the Korea-Fiji Friendship Association- General (retired)- Myoung-Koo Lee also expressed his appreciation to the Embassy for the hosting of the promotional event in Seoul. In his opening remarks he highlighted that a lot of Korean businessman who attended the event are looking to Fiji as a potential country to do business and would be interested to work closely with the Fiji Embassy in Korea to assist them in starting their business in Fiji. He also informed that some of the potential investors would like to travel with him to Fiji later this year to conduct feasibility and due diligence with the relevant agencies and government departments that are involved with their line of business.


The Embassy will work closely with the Association and the various Agencies in Fiji in facilitating an investment tour by the potential investors and businessman to Fiji before the end of November 2019.


Investment Fiji was also represented during this Promotion event by Senior Trade and Export Advisor at Fiji Investment, Mr.  Shaneel Nair who thoroughly communicated the processes and procedures of establishing business in Fiji.


The event was also an opportunity for the Embassy to show case some of Fiji’s latest Fiji-made products such as Virgin coconut oil, Noni, Fiji Sugar, Fiji water, Pure Fiji, canned tuna and sweet biscuits. Also, on show were some of our traditional artifacts such as Tanoa miniatures, woven bags and hand fans. Some of the attendees were very interested in Fiji-made products on display and are interested to buy them but they were advised to make direct contact with the distributors in Korea.


The Mission is in the process of consolidating data profile on the investors who have showed interest to explore business opportunities in Fiji and will work further with Investment Fiji on finalizing these opportunities.


Based on the success of the recent event, the Embassy is planning a similar promotional event to be held in the Southern city of Busan in October which would also include the Fiji Mission’s celebration of Fiji’s Independence Day.