The Ministry of Local Government, Housing and Environment of the Republic of Fiji, under the department of Local Government, has proposed to Ministry of Economy to consider providing Town support technical assistance budget funding. Main aim of the request is to assist to drive our national development plan. Ministry is of the view that the Towns and Cities need to go through a transforming phase and to do this international technical assistance is needed.

To initiate this special shared services program, Ministry is of the view that four special expertises are required to drive the transformation agenda as follows:

  1. Recruitment of four
  2. Recruitment of four Horticulturists.
  3. Recruitment of four Town Engineers.
  4. Recruitment of two urban

A.    Recruitment of four Landscapers

In our annual fiscal budget 2018/19, through the Department of Local Government, 4 positions have been proposed to be established for Urban Landscapers. The position holders shall be based at Municipal Councils on a shared service basis with an objective to promote urban landscaping.

Ministry of Local Government, Housing and Environment is of the view that landscaping plays a strategic role in decorating and making a Town attractive. Visitors to towns and cities gauge a towns appearance through landscape and Architecture. Landscaping reflects a places background and Municipal Council feel it is important  to  seek assistance from the Government in  developing  landscaping  units. Councils are looking at this program to assist in identifying existing landscape challenges and analysing, synthesizing, designing solutions and implementing programs to improve landscape at  our Towns and Cities.

The four candidates to be hired from the international markets shall be hard-working team players with qualities to deliver results. Candidates must have at least 5 years’ experience in Landscaping with a relevant degree from an international recognized institution.

Implementation works program shall include turfing, tree and shrub planting, ground preparation, seeding, staking, mulching and when required hard landscaping & fencing.

A budget of $400,000 has been proposed with a proposed salary base of $75000 each, accommodation $12000 and transport allowance $13000 per year to 4  Municipal Councils.

B.    Urban Horticulturist

Four horticulturist positions have been proposed to support landscapers via providing technical and general assistance in selecting and physically involved in supervising planting in public areas. The horticulturist in addition to re-stablish operations and supervise botanical gardens at four main centres of  operation  being  Suva,  Nadi, Lautoka and Labasa. Balance of Towns shall have mini garden and green house areas.

The horticulturists are to work with the existing Parks and Garden team in all Townships and develop over a three-year timeframe effective landscape and horticulture divisions.

Position shall be advertised internationally and the person shall have a minimum 5 years urban horticulture work experience and a relevant degree. Salary shall be $44,000 per annum and the person housing allowance shall be $6000.

C.    Town Engineers

Town and City growth rates including urban design program implementation have been not at par due to Municipal Councils unable to recrLiit Town Engineers. In the new budget 2018/19 Ministry of Local Government, Housing and Environment is proposing to recruit four Town Engineers who shall have structural and civil engineering knowledge and experience. The Town engineers shall assist in Councils overall policy design and implementation including providing support on building, designs and construction implementation of Council projects and private investment.

On shared services scheme the four engineers shall  be based at Suva, Nadi,  Lautoka and Labasa with an annual salary scale $75,000, housing allowance of $12000 and travelling allowance of $13000. The person specification shall be having at 5 years Civil and structural construction knowledge and a degree in Structural and Civil engineering from a recognized University that will be accepted by England.

D.    Urban Design

Fijian Towns and Cities land use programs are driven by Town Planning scheme statements and plans generally approved by the Director Town and Country Planning.

Urban design protocol has never been constructed and implemented. Urban design has neither been constructively looked into, hence urban street furniture, urban landscape and horticulture and urban open space planning has been on an ad hoc basis.

Under the 2018/19 budget cycle, two urban designers have been proposed on a shared service base to be based at Lautoka and Suva. Under this program two urban design programs shall be considered. This shall be for Greater Suva Towns and Cities and the other for Lautoka, Nadi and Sigatoka Municipality.

Person specification for the project shall be a person having 5 years planning in urban design with relevant degree  from  recognized  university. The  person  shall be based at an annual salary of $60000 with a housing allowance of $12,000. $28,000 shall be allocated to support program design construction.

Applications to be submitted no later than 12.00pm on Friday, 25th May 2018 to: