[Press Release] 4 Fijian Students awarded scholarships from Woojung Foundation

[Press Release] 4 Fijian Students awarded scholarships from Woojung Foundation

H.E. Ambassador Filimone Kau attended the scholarship award ceremony held at the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Seoul on 16 February, 2017. The scholarships, totaling 400 million Korean won (US$348.6 thousand) were awarded to a total of hundred and three (103) international students studying in Korea from fourteen (14) different countries from the Asian, African and Pacific region. Fijian students Loga Vulivavalagi and Patrick Mark Singh had their scholarships extended for the year while two (2) Fijian students, Ratu Jone Parkes Savou and Iva Isabella Mokukiliuwere were recipients of new awards.

The ceremony was attended by more than a hundred and fifty (150) people, including the Chairman of the Booyoung Group and the Woojung Education and Culture Foundation, Dr. Lee Joong-Keun and diplomats from thirteen (13) countries.

In his greetings, Chairman Lee Joong-Keun praised the perseverance and effort of the students in overcoming the unfamiliar cultural and linguistic differences. He also expressed his hope to see them grow as the next global leaders who would act as a bridge between Korea and their respective motherlands.

The Woojung Education and Culture Foundation is a public foundation established in 2008 with funds donated by founder Chairman Lee Joong-Keun of the Booyoung Business Group. The foundation has been actively engaged in awarding scholarships to university students from the Asian, African and Pacific Islands biannually.

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